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LISTEN to Sweet Betsy
Songbook, including CD. Highlights this fun and memorable melody, but also provides a synopsis of each of the story elements that define this song as one type of folksong – a ballad. $18.95
SB_CD_72Music CD only which provides the music with lyrics and a karaoke version for student performance.
SweetBetsy_SuppAn Educational Supplement provides parents and teachers with numerous extension opportunities that invite experiential cross-curricular educational experiences.  (including language arts, science, history, math, geography and art) that are woven around this central Sweet Betsy Song theme. Research has shown that this type of educational curriculum has consistently demonstrated (through testing results) significant increases in academic achievement in the core subject areas. $11.95
iStock_000016472031XSmallA Slide Show of the Songbook includes the verses complimented with historical photos and paintings. In this way the images can be projected onto a screen while the music is playing – great for students to follow along with the
lyrics in the Songbook.  $9.95
Bundled Specials

Songbook, CD & Educational Supplement $29.95
Songbook, Educational Supplement, and Music Slide Show $34.95

Fun Tools to Teach Reading, Writing, Science, Math, History, Geography, Music, and Art