Fun Tools to Teach
Reading, Math, Science, Writing, History, Art, Music,Geography, & more

guitar_EDThe goal of Educational Encounters is to provide students, parents, and teachers with unique and dynamic educational materials.  These materials will easily introduce music and other key content material (reading, writing, art, history, science, math and geography) into any learning setting, while providing opportunities for many additional educational extensions for all ages.

Many of our educational materials are presented as cross-curricular thematic units. Research has shown, through testing and evaluation of results, that a thematic, cross-curriculum instructional approach in education has consistently demonstrated significant increases in academic achievement in core subject areas.

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Our Pioneer Project!
“Sweet Betsy and Ike – Two Miners from Pike” 

An Education Program for Museums Along the Oregon-California Trail
“Sweet Betsy” is the first of what is planned to become a series of such book projects.  It is our hope that young singers will enjoy the song, while actually experiencing a real feel for the lifestyle of the “overlander” during the Western Expansion, and particularly during the California Gold Rush.


LISTEN to Sweet Betsy





Fun Tools to Teach Reading, Writing, Science, Math, History, Geography, Music, and Art